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DERRICK MEADOR played at St. Philip's Episcopal Church on Friday, September 27, 2019.
To read a review by Carol Durham, Click Here
IGOR IWANEK's website has a series of programs on music, mysticism, and the mind. Click here to see the calendar ALL PRESENTERS PLEASE NOTE!!! We have mostly finished on the 2019-2020 calendar, especially through December. The COMPLETE Calendar for 2019-2020 is easily accessible - click on/ go to Please note the calendar from Jan, 2020, thru Aug, 2020, is not quite complete and will be growing somewhat during the next months Glenn Glenn A. Gentry, Editor The Continuo Online THE CALENDAR, WITH CHANGES, NOVEMBER, 2019. ******************************************************************************* NOV 1, 2019 (Fri) CLASSIC BLUES, ROCK & ORIGINALS WITH LEE BLUES ETC ABRAHAM & THE BOONE BROTHERS at the SCHF COURTYARD in VICKSBURG, 12:00 NOON. Details: (601)631-2997. Classics in the Courtyard. NOV 1, 2019 (Fri) CHORAL EVENSONG at ST PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C, CHORAL/ORGAN 6:00 PM. Free. (601)956-5788. Music for All Saints. NOV 1-3,2019 "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME: SCENES INSPIRED BY OPERA SHAKESPEARE" in MC's AVEN HALL, 7:00 P.M. (Fri-Sat) and 3:00 P.M. (Sun). Tickets: (601)925-3440. Music of Purcell, Bellini, Bernstein, Verdi, and others. NOV 2, 2019 (Sat) MCMG INAUGURAL PIANO TRIO* at ST JAMES CHAMBER EPISCOPAL C, FOWLER HALL, 7:30 PM. Tickets at door, or (601)594-2902. *MARTA SZLUBOWSKA (violin), JESSE CHRISTIANSON, (cello) & MELODY NG (piano). Music of Bernstein, Schubert, and a contemporary American. NOV 3, 2019 (Sun) ALL SOULS' REQUIEM with NECROLOGY READING CHORAL at ST JAMES' EPISCOPAL C, 5:00 PM. Free. (601)982-4880. Music of Copland, DiOrio, G. Lewis, Alf Houkom, & Dolly Parton NOV 3, 2019 (Sun) The TOUGALOO COLLEGE CHOIR at the HBCU CHORAL CHORAL FESTIVAL at the COAHOMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE in CLARKSDALE, MS, 5:00 PM. Directed by KARL TWYNER. details: NOV 3, 2019 (Sun) SYMPHONIC WIND ENSEMBLE at JSU's JAMES HALL, ORCH 6:00 PM. (601)979-2141. Free NOV 4, 2019 (Mon) NATALIE FEHRENBACHER (piano) & MOLLY SORTO CHAMBER (soprano) at MC's AVEN HALL in CLINTON, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. NOV 4, 2019 (Mon) MILLSAPS MUSIC STUDENTS ON CAMPUS at 3:00 PM, CHAMBER AC RECITAL HALL. Free. NOV 4, 2019 (Mon) TERRY RILEY'S "In C" at MC's AVEN HALL in CLINTON, CHAMBER 7:30 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. NOV 5, 2019 (Tue) The IMPROMPTU PIANO TRIO at the MS MUSEUM of ART, CHAMBER 5:45 PM Free. Cash bar at 5:15 PM. (601)354-1535. NOV 5, 2019 (Tue) BRASSWIND EXTRAVAGANZA at JSU's JAMES HALL, BRASS 7:00 PM/ (601)979-2141. Free NOV 5, 2019 (Tue) LYNN RALEY & BILL STOREY at MILLSAPS AC RECITAL PIANO/POETRY HALL 7:30 PM. Free. "Moments In and Out of Time", with John Adams' Phrygian Gates, plus music of Schubert & Liszt. NOV 6, 2019 (Wed) CHAMINADE at the MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY, PIANO (x2) 3:00 PM. Info: JULIA MORTYAKOVA & VALENTIN BOGDAN NOV 7, 2019 (Thu) WORSHIP COLLECTIVE: "NIGHT OF WORSHIP" at MIXED 1st BAPTIST C CHAPEL in CLINTON, 7:30 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. NOV 8, 2019 (Fri) ROCK, POP & COUNTRY WITH CHAD PERRY at the ROCK ETC SCHF COURTYARD in VICKSBURG, 12:00 NOON. Details: (601)631-2997. Classics in the Courtyard. NOV 8, 2019 (Fri) BELHAVEN U SYMPHONY ON CAMPUS in the CONCERT ORCH HALL, 7:30 PM. Free. (601)974-6494. Music includes Beethoven's "Eroica" Symphony and Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries". NOV 8, 2019 (Fri) MUSIC OF GRAŻYNA BACEWICZ (1909-1969), with CHAMBER STEPHEN SACHS (piano), MARTA SZLUBOWSKA, VINCE MASSIMINO, MILENA RUSANOVA, EMILY WILLIAMS (violins); AUSRA JASINEVICIUTE(viola); and TAYLIS FERNANDEZ(cello), at MILLSAPS, 7:30 PM. Tickets: at door. (601)974-1422. NOV 8-9 & 15-16, 2019 BELHAVEN U FALL DANCE CONCERT at the IRBY DANCE VISUAL ARTS & DANCE CTR, 7:00 PM. (Fri-Sat). Free. Tickets: (601)974-6494. NOV 10-14, 2019 9th ANNUAL EAST TEXAS PIPE ORGAN FESTIVAL, in ORGAN KILGORE, TX. Sun-Thu. 1st Presbyterian Church, (Kilgore) and other venues. Recitalists and speakers include Brink Bush, Jared Cook, Scott Dettra, Christian Elliott, Jan Kraybill, Christopher Marks, Eric Plutz, John Schwandt, John Walthausen and others to be announced. Registration and other details: Click here NOV 10, 2019 (Sun) The MASTER CHORALE of the MS CHORUS at ST. CHORAL COLUMB'S EPISCOPAL C in RIDGELAND, 3:00 PM. Info: (601)259-7346. "ITS BEEN A LONG,LONG TIME - A SALUTE TO OUR VETERANS". NOV 10, 2019 (Sun) STEEL PAN & PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE at JSU's JAMES PERCUSSION HALL, 6:00 PM. (601)979-2141. Free NOV 11, 2019 (Mon) BLAKE GLASS (tenor) & REAGAN RAMSEY (mezzo) in VOCAL MC's AVEN HALL in CLINTON, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. NOV 12, 2019 (Tue) WOODWIND ENSEMBLE at JSU's JAMES HALL, WOODWINDS 7:00 PM. (601)979-2141. Free NOV 12, 2019 (Tue) BELHAVEN STUDENT COMPOSERS ON CAMPUS in the CHAMBER CONCERT HALL, 7:30 PM. Free. (601)974-6494. NOV 13, 2019 (Wed) UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA at JSU's JAMES HALL, ORCH 7:30 PM. (601)979-2141. Free NOV 14, 2019 (Thu) SARA CHRISTY & TOM LOWE at ST. JAMES' FLUTE/VIOLIN EPISCOPAL C, 12:00 NOON. Free. (601)982-4880. SOUL SOUNDS: "Back to Baroque" - Sonatas for Flute & Violin NOV 14, 2019 (Thu) THOMAS LEE at ST. PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C, ORGAN 7:30 PM. Free. (601)956-5788. NOV 14, 2019 (Thu) LES DELICES at MS COLLEGE'S PROVINE CHAPEL; CHAMBER/MA'AM SCLATER CHAMBER MUSIC SERIES I, 7:30 PM. Tickets at the door. (601)925-3440. American Medieval Ensemble. NOV 14, 2019 (Thu) "THE COLOR PURPLE" at MARA HALL, 7:30 PM LIVE FROM BROADWAY Tickets: NOV 15, 2019 (Fri) NATHAN LAUBE at 1st PRESBYTERIAN C, ORGAN 7:00 PM. Free. (601)362-3235. AGO. NOV 16, 2019 (Sat) KEVIN CHANCE PIANO MASTERCLASS at MILLSAPS, PIANO AC RECITAL HALL, 3:30 PM. Free. [NEW TIME] NOV 16, 2019 (Sat) SHATTERING THE GLASS, BELHAVEN U ARTS CTR AUD, MUSICAL 7:30 P.M. MS OPERA Tickets:(601)960-2300. NOV 17, 2019 (Sun) The JACKSON CHORAL SOCIETY at ST PHILIP'S CHORAL EPISCOPAL C, 2:30 PM. Tickets at door. "Recollections". NOV 17, 2019 (Sun) MEGAN ROWAN at COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN C, PIANO/CHAMBER 2:30 PM, details: With ELLEN WISE CRAVEN(soprano), SHELLIE BROWN KEMP(violin), LAUREN NEISWINGER(flute), and VERONICA PARRALES(cello). Music of Mozart, Franck, Duparc, Brahms, Strauss, Debussy, Barber & Ricky Ian Gordon. NOV 17, 2019 (Sun) AVERY LEIGH DRAUT with the METROPOLITAN SOPRANO/CHAMBER CHAMBER ORCHESTRA at ST. ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL CL, 3:00 PM. Details: Music of Mahler("Songs of the Wayfarer"), Donizetti(Overture to "Don Pasquale") and Elgar (Enigma Variations). ************************POSTPONED; NEW DATE TBA************************ * NOV 17, 2019 (Sun) MILLSAPS MUSIC FACULTY SHOWCASE ON CAMPUS, AC * * MIXED RECITAL HALL 3:OO PM. Free * *********************************************************************** NOV 18, 2019 (Mon) CARLY SPARKS (mezzo) & MARGIE WILLIAMS VOCAL (soprano) in MC'S AVEN HALL in CLINTON 3:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. NOV 19, 2019 (Tue) BELHAVEN CHORAL ARTS CONCERT ON CAMPUS in the CHAMBER CONCERT HALL, 7:30 PM. Free. (601)974-6494. NOV 20, 2019 (Wed) FALL JAZZ NIGHT at JSU's JAMES HALL, ORCH 7:00 PM. (601)979-2141. Free NOV 22, 2019 (Fri) AFRICAN DRUM & DANCE ENSEMBLE at JSU's JAMES DRUM/DANCE, HALL, 7:00 PM. (601)979-2141. Free NOV 22-23, 2019 BELHAVEN U: DOXA CHOREOGRAPHERS CONCERT at the DANCE IRBY VISUAL ARTS & DANCE CTR, FREDERICKS STUDIO, 7:00 PM. (Fri-Sat). Free. Tickets: (601)974-6494. NOV 23, 2019 (Sat) The MSO at MARA HALL, 7:30 PM ORCH Tickets:(601)960-1565. Music of Bach, Faure, Diamond, Elgar & Copland, Britten & Mazzoli. NOV 24, 2019 (Sun) The MC CHOCTAW CHORUS ON CAMPUS in PROVINE CHORAL CHAPEL, in CLINTON, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. NOV 24, 2019 (Sun) CONCORDIA at GALLOWAY U METHODIST C, CHORAL 3:00 P.M. Free. (601)353-9691. "Seasons & Holy Days", directed by Lynne Pickett. NOV 25, 2019 (Mon) BEST of BELHAVEN ON CAMPUS in the CONCERT HALL, CHAMBER 7:30 PM. Free. (601)974-6494. NOV 25, 2019 (Mon) MC SYMPHONIC WINDS in SWOR AUD ON CAMPUS in ORCH CLINTON, 7:30 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. FOR DECEMBER (AND LATER) EVENTS CLICK HERE AND SCROLL DOWN. ******************************************************************************* Changed/new events are marked !! [MMM dd, yyyy] (the date shows when the change/new event was added to the cupdate calendar) UNMARKED events are listed as they appeared in the original version of this update. IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND AN OUT-OF-TOWN EVENT, YOU ARE URGED TO VERIFY THE DETAILS USING THE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED. We thank the following for their valuable support: The MISSISSIPPI ARTS COMMISSION Our many individual contributors This update is provided as a service to the classical music community of the Jackson area by the Jackson Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (216 Ashcot Cir, Jackson, MS 39211 / (601)362-3235 / Glenn A. Gentry, Editor, The Continuo Online