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KAY GUILES played at St. Peter Catholic Cathedral on Thursday, February 20, 2020.
To read a review by Glenn Gentry, Click Here
The AGO 34th Annual Choral-Organ Fest was presented at Northminster Baptist Church on Friday, February 21, 2020. To read a review by Carol Durham, Click Here

MICHAEL BEATTIE played at St. Peter Catholic Cathedral on Thursday, March 12, 2020.
To read a review by Glenn Gentry, Click Here
IGOR IWANEK's website has a series of programs on music, mysticism, and the mind. Click here to see the calendar The COMPLETE Calendar for 2019-2020 is easily accessible - click on/ go to Please note the calendar from Mar, 2020, thru Aug, 2020, is not quite complete and will be growing somewhat during the next months; shortly after March, 2020, we will begin adding events for Sept 2020 through Aug 2021. (MSO dates for 2021 already added)
Glenn Glenn A. Gentry, Editor The Continuo Online THE CALENDAR, WITH CHANGES, FEBRUARY, 2020. MAR 1, 2020 (Sun) CHORAL EVENSONG at ST. JAMES' EPISCOPAL C, CHORAL/ORGAN with the CHURCH CHOIR and the MILLSAPS CHAMBER CHAMBER SINGERS, directed by JONATHAN TROTTER, with ORGANIST DON MESSER. Service: C.V. Stanford in Bb; Anthem:"Beati quorum via" RECITAL: STEPHEN REDFIELD (violin) & JOANNA BURNSIDE(piano). Beethoven Violin Sonatas 4&6. 5:00 PM, Free. (601)982-4880. MAR 2, 2020 (Mon) MILLSAPS MUSIC STUDENTS ON CAMPUS at 3:00 PM, CHAMBER AC RECITAL HALL. Free. MAR 2, 2020 (Mon) MC SYMPHONIC WINDS in SWOR AUD ON CAMPUS in ORCH CLINTON, 7:30 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. MAR 2, 2020 (Mon) RACHEL HEARD at MILLSAPS AC RECITAL HALL, FORTEPIANO 7:30 PM. Free. Music of C.P.E. Bach, Beethoven, & Haydn. MAR 4, 2020 (Wed) CHAMINADE at the MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY, SOPRANO/PIANO 3:00 PM. Info: MEGAN ROWAN & FRIENDS MAR 5, 2020 (Thu) WILLIAM WALKER*: MEET THE ARTIST at MILLSAPS, CHAMBER 4-6 PM, AC RECITAL HALL. *MSO Chamber Music series. MAR 7, 2020 (Sat) The MS COMMUNITY SYMPHONIC BAND at BELHAVEN U; BAND 7:00 P.M. Free. (769)218-0828 / MAR 7, 2020 (Sat) The MSO at MILLSAPS AC RECITAL HALL, 7:30 PM, CHAMBER/GUITAR with GIOVANNI DE CHIARO. Tickets:(601)960-1565. Guest Conductor: William Garfield Walker. Music of Gluck, Poling, Watson & Schubert (Symphony #8 - "Unfinished") MAR 8, 2020 (Sun) The METRO MALE CHORUS with the MS BOYCHOIR* & CHORAL DAVID O'STEEN, organist, at ST. PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C, 2:30 PM. Tickets at door. Details: *Director: KATIE HOY. Combined choirs directed by D. ROYCE BOYER. Organbuilder: DAVID FINCH. MAR 8, 2020 (Sun) STATIONS OF THE CROSS, LED BY MARY RUTH JONES CHORAL and CHARLIE CARLISLE, with the ST. ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL CL ENSEMBLE at ST. MARY'S EPISCOPAL C in BOLTON, 4:00 PM. Free. (601)842-5683. JESSICA NELSON, Director. MAR 11, 2020 (Wed) "BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL" LIVE FROM BROADWAY at MARA HALL, 7:30 PM. Tickets: ***************************POSTPONED************************************ * MAR 12, 2020 (Thu) SOUL SOUNDS: VIVALDI CONCERTO in g, RV103. * * CHAMBER with SARA CHRISTY(flute), TOM LOWE(violin), * * LAMAR NESBIT(bassoon)& DON MESSER(harpsichord).* * ST. JAMES' EPISCOPAL C, 12:00 NOON. Free. * * (601)982-4880. * ************************************************************************ MAR 12, 2020 (Thu) The MARTA SZLUBOWSKA STRING ENSEMBLE at the CHAMBER OLD CAPITOL, TIME TBA. Tickets at the door. MAR 12, 2020 (Thu) MICHAEL BEATTIE at ST PETER CATHOLIC CL, ORGAN 7:30 PM, Free. Music of Bach, including the Passacglia & Fugue in c (BWV582) and the Prelude and Fugue in Eb (St. Anne, BWV552). ************************CANCELLED************************************** * MAR 16, 2020 (Mon) CABARET at DULING HALL, 7:30 P.M. OPERA MS....* * JAZZ QUARTET Tickets:(601)960-2300. Doors open at 6:00.....* * TAKE 5: the Dave Brubeck Centennial, starring.* * THE SAM BRUTON QUARTET........................* *********************************************************************** NOTE: BECAUSE OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC MOST FOLLOWING EVENTS ARE CANCELLED. I HAVE INDICATED THOSE ABOUT WHICH I HAVE DEFINITIVE INFORMATION. FOR THE OTHERS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE THE E-MAIL OR PHONE LISTED TO CHECK. MAR 18, 2020 (Wed) CHAMINADE at NORTHMINSTER BAPTIST C, 3:00 PM SOPRANO/ORGAN Info: CHERYL COKER/CAROL DURHAM ************************POSTPONED INDEFINITELY*********************** * MAR 20, 2020 (Fri) The MS COLLEGE JAZZ BAND at the TWO MUSEUMS,* * 5:00 PM. Details: (601)925-3440.............* * MS Distilled: Party, Politics, & Prohibition* ********************************************************************* ************************POSTPONED INDEFINITELY******************* * MAR 20, 2020 (Fri) MICHAEL BONEY at ST. PETER CATHOLIC CL,.* * ORGAN 7:30 PM. Free. (601)362-3235. AGO.......* ***************************************************************** ************************POSTPONED INDEFINITELY*********************** * MAR 22, 2020 (Sun) COMPLINE at ST. JAMES' EPISCOPAL C, with the* * CHORAL CHURCH COMPLINE CHOIR directed by JONATHAN..* * TROTTER, 7:00 PM, Free. (601)982-4880.......* * Music of William Byrd.......................* ********************************************************************* MAR 24, 2020 (Tue) MC CREATES in AVEN HALL in CLINTON, MIXED 7:30 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. MAR 28, 2020 (Sat) BELHAVEN U COLLABORATIVE ARTS at the IRBY DANCE VISUAL ARTS & DANCE CTR, 7:00 PM. Details: (601)965-1400. ************************CANCELLED*********************************** * MAR 28, 2020 (Sat) The MSO at MARA HALL, 7:30 PM, with........* * ORCH/CHORAL choirs: JACKSON STATE U, the MS CHORUS,....* * MS COLLEGE & TOUGALOO COLLEGE..............* * Tickets:(601)960-1565. Ode to Joy. Music...* * of Arvo Part ("Fratres") & Beethoven.......* * (Symphony #9) * ******************************************************************** MAR 29, 2020 (Sun) The JACKSON CHORAL SOCIETY at the MUNICIPAL CHORAL ART GALLERY, 3:00 PM. "Wine and Song". Tickets: (601)260-6356. MAR 29, 2020 (Sun) The TOUGALOO COLLEGE CHOIR at ST ANDREW'S CHORAL EPISCOPAL CL, 6:00 PM. Free. Directed by KARL TWYNER. FOR APRIL, 2020 (AND LATER) EVENTS CLICK HERE AND SCROLL DOWN. NOTE ALSO THE FOLLOWING APRIL EVENTS ARE DEFINITELY CANCELLED: APRIL 4, 2020, MSO CHAMBER MUSIC at TOUGALOO; and APRIL 25, 2020, MS OPERA "ROMEO & JULIETTE" at MARA HALL; OTHERS ARE LIKELY AND WILL BE INDICATED AS I HEAR ABOUT THEM. ******************************************************************************* Changed/new events are marked !! [MMM dd, yyyy] (the date shows when the change/new event was added to the cupdate calendar) UNMARKED events are listed as they appeared in the original version of this update. IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND AN OUT-OF-TOWN EVENT, YOU ARE URGED TO VERIFY THE DETAILS USING THE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED. We thank the following for their valuable support: The MISSISSIPPI ARTS COMMISSION Our many individual contributors This update is provided as a service to the classical music community of the Jackson area by the Jackson Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (216 Ashcot Cir, Jackson, MS 39211 / (601)362-3235 / Glenn A. Gentry, Editor, The Continuo Online