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NATHAN LAUBE played at 1st Presbyterian Church on Friday, November 15, 2019.
To read a review by Carol Durham, Click Here
IGOR IWANEK's website has a series of programs on music, mysticism, and the mind. Click here to see the calendar ALL PRESENTERS PLEASE NOTE!!! We have very likely finished with the 2019-2020 calendar, at least through December. The COMPLETE Calendar for 2019-2020 is easily accessible - click on/ go to Please note the calendar from Jan, 2020, thru Aug, 2020, is not quite complete and will be growing somewhat during the next months Glenn Glenn A. Gentry, Editor The Continuo Online THE CALENDAR, WITH CHANGES, DECEMBER, 2019. ******************************************************************************* *************************MOVED TO JAN 5, 2020************************ * DEC 1, 2019 (Sun) AMAHL & THE NIGHT VISITORS at the BELLWETHER* * OPERA CHURCH, 3:00 PM. A MS OPERA Production. * * Tickets:(601)960-2300. * ********************************************************************* DEC 1, 2019 (Sun) The ST PETER CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL CHOIR at the CHORAL OLD CAPITOL MUSEUM, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)-576-6920. Music of Christmas. DEC 1, 2019 (Sun) The COMPLINE CHOIR at ST JAMES' EPISCOPAL C, CHORAL 5:00 PM. Free. (601)982-4880. JONATHAN TROTTER, Director. Music of Johannes Brahms. DEC 1, 2019 (Sun) The TOUGALOO COLLEGE CHOIR at TRINITY U CHORAL METHODIST C in GREENVILLE, MS. 5:00 PM. Free. Directed by KARL TWYNER. DEC 2, 2019 (Mon) ANN MARIE MARSHALL (trombone) at MC's AVEN BRASS HALL in CLINTON, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. DEC 2, 2019 (Mon) MILLSAPS MUSIC STUDENTS ON CAMPUS at 3:00 PM, CHAMBER AC RECITAL HALL. Free. DEC 3, 2019 (Tue) The MRLC* 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION at CHORAL FONDREN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 2:00 PM. Free. Info: (601)362-3235. Six Freedom songs in a "Lessons & Carols" format, sung by all. *MS Religious Leadership Conference. DEC 3, 2019 (Tue) The ST ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL PARISH CHOIR at the CHORAL the MS MUSEUM OF ART, 5:45 P.M. Free. Info: visit, Music in the City series. Christmas Music. DEC 3, 2019 (Tue) LESSONS & CAROLS at ST PETER CATHOLIC CL. CHORAL 6:30 PM. Free. Info: (601)856-7787. DEC 3, 2019 (Tue) The MC JAZZ BAND at AVEN HALL in CLINTON, JAZZ 7:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. DEC 3-22, 2019 "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" at NEW STAGE THEATRE. MUSICAL Times/Tickets:(601)948-3531 or (Children's Musical) DEC 4, 2019 (Wed) CHAMINADE at the MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY, SOPRANO/PIANO 3:00 PM. Info: AMANDA MILAM/CAROLYN SACHS DEC 5, 2019 (Thu) The TOUGALOO COLLEGE CHOIR at ST ANDREW'S CHORAL EPISCOPAL CL, 7:00 PM. Free. Directed by KARL TWYNER. DEC 5-7, 2019 FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS at MC's PROVINE CHAPEL CHORAL in CLINTON, 7:30 PM. (Thu-Sat). Details: (601)925-3440. DEC 5, 2019 (Thu) The HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE CHOIR on campus in CHORAL/DANCE RAYMOND, at CAIN-COCHRAN HALL, 7:00 PM. Free. INSTRUMENTAL (601)857-3271. 3rd Annual Christmas Program. Featuring faculty, students, and ensembles. DEC 6, 2019 (Fri) The MILLSAPS SINGERS ON CAMPUS at MILLSAPS, CHORAL AC RECITAL HALL, 7:30 PM. Free. Music of William Grant Still (Christmas in the Western World). DEC 6-7, 2019 87th ANNUAL SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE ON CAMPUS CHORAL at BELHAVEN U 7:30 PM. (Fri-Sat). Free. (601)974-6494. DEC 6-8, 2019 BALLET MISSISSIPPI at MARA HALL, 7:30 P.M. BALLET (Fri); 3:00 P.M. (Sat & Sun). Tickets: (601)960-1560 / The Nutcracker. DEC 8, 2019 (Sun) SEASONS & HOLY DAYS with CONCORDIA, directed CHORAL by LYNNE PICKETT, at ST MARY'S EPISCOPAL C in BOLTON, 4:00 P.M. DEC 8, 2019 (Sun) The WELLS MEMORIAL METHODIST C CHOIR at the CHORAL OLD CAPITOL MUSEUM, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)-576-6920. Music of Christmas. DEC 8, 2019 (Sun) The TOUGALOO COLLEGE CHOIR ON CAMPUS in CHORAL WOODWORTH CHAPEL, 4:00 PM. Free. Directed by KARL TWYNER. DEC 8, 2019 (Sun) ADVENT LESSONS & CAROLS, with The MILLSAPS CHORAL SINGERS at GALLOWAY U METHODIST C, 6:00 PM. Free. DEC 9, 2019 (Mon) SEAN COLLINS & COLE SMITH at MC'S AVEN HALL PERCUSSION in CLINTON, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)925-3440. DEC 9, 2019 (Mon) "CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE" at MARA HALL, LIVE FROM BROADWAY 7:30 PM. Tickets: DEC 10, 2019 (Tue) BETHLEHEM TREE LIGHTING with CHRISTMAS CAROLS CHORAL by the ST. ANDREW'S CL CHOIR at the MS MUSEUM of ART, 5:45 PM Free. Cash bar at 5:15 PM. (601)354-1535. DEC 10, 2019 (Tue) SINGING TOGETHER JACKSON at the JACKSON CHORAL MEDICAL MALL, 6:30 PM. More information at Benefit: Working Together Jackson DEC 13, 2019 (Fri) LESSONS & CAROLS at ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL C CHORAL in RAYMOND, 7:00 P.M. Free. (601)842-5683; with the ST. PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C CHOIR. DEC 13-15, 2019 CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT at the 1ST BAPTIST C, CHORAL/ORGAN 7:00 PM (Fri-Sat); 3:00 PM (Sat & Sun*). ORCH Free but tickets required. Information? Click Here *Sold out as of Nov 28, 2019. DEC 14, 2019 (Sat) The MS BOYCHOIR at ST. PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C, CHORAL 3:00 PM. Details: DEC 14, 2019 (Sat) The MS COMMUNITY SYMPHONIC BAND at BELHAVEN U; BAND 7:00 P.M. Free. (769)218-0828 / DEC 15, 2019 (Sun) The ST ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL CL CHOIR at the CHORAL OLD CAPITOL MUSEUM, 3:00 PM. Free. (601)576-6920. Music of Christmas. DEC 15, 2019 (Sun) CHRISTMAS LESSONS and CAROLS at 1ST CHORAL/ORGAN PRESBYTERIAN C, 4:00 & 6:00 P.M. ORCHESTRA Free. (601)973-9113 DEC 15, 2019 (Sun) ADVENT LESSONS & CAROLS at ST PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL CHORAL/ORGAN C, 6:00 PM. Free. (601)956-5788. DEC 21-22, 2019 BALLET MAGNIFICAT at MARA HALL, (Sat & Sun) BALLET 2:00 PM. Tickets: (601)960-1537 or Dickens "A Christmas Carol." DEC 24, 2019 (Tue) CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES - Usually between CHORAL/ORGAN 5:00 PM and Midnight - be sure to check beforehand with the church you plan to attend. ST PHILIPS EPISCOPAL - 10:30 PM FOR JANUARY, 2020 (AND LATER) EVENTS CLICK HERE AND SCROLL DOWN. ******************************************************************************* Changed/new events are marked !! [MMM dd, yyyy] (the date shows when the change/new event was added to the cupdate calendar) UNMARKED events are listed as they appeared in the original version of this update. IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND AN OUT-OF-TOWN EVENT, YOU ARE URGED TO VERIFY THE DETAILS USING THE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED. We thank the following for their valuable support: The MISSISSIPPI ARTS COMMISSION Our many individual contributors This update is provided as a service to the classical music community of the Jackson area by the Jackson Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (216 Ashcot Cir, Jackson, MS 39211 / (601)362-3235 / Glenn A. Gentry, Editor, The Continuo Online