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to FRIDAY, MAY 24, because of weather. See the calendar below.

 The AGO 33rd Annual Choral-Organ Fest was
presented at St. James' Episcopal Church
    on Friday, April 26, 2019. 

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IGOR IWANEK's website has a series of programs on music, mysticism, and the mind. Click here to see the calendar About the Update - Please remember - you can check it at any time (and it changes often)- click on/ go to The COMPLETE Calendar for 2018-2019 is easily accessible - click on/ go to Glenn Glenn A. Gentry, Editor The Continuo Online THE CALENDAR, WITH CHANGES, MAY+JUNE, 2019. ******************************************************************************* MAY 1, 2019 (Wed) The CHAMINADE CLUB at the JACKSON MUNICIPAL SOPRANOS ART GALLERY, 3:00 P.M. Free. (601)832-4384. GENA EVERITT & SHIRLEY SANDERS FOSTER. To see the program,Click Here MAY 2, 2019 (Thu) "AIR SUPPLY" at MARA HALL, 7:30 P.M. LIVE FROM BROADWAY Tickets: MAY 4, 2019 (Sat) The MS CHORUS AT MILLSAPS, 7:30 PM CHORAL/ORCH Tickets:(601)278-3351 /, with the GRANDE CHORUS & ORCH & SOLOISTS Music of Haydn - The Creation. MAY 5, 2019 (Sun) The MS BOYCHOIR at NEW HOPE BAPTIST C*, CHORAL 3:00 PM, Free (donations accepted). / (601)665-7374. *5202 Watkins Dr, Jackson, MS 39206. MAY 5, 2019 (Sun) The MS GIRLCHOIR at ST. PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C, CHORAL 3:00 PM, Tickets:(601)842-5683. !!MAY 5, 2019 (Sun) The METROPOLITAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA with CHAMBER/CELLO VERONICA PARRALES at ST. ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL CL, 3:00 P.M. Free. (601)982-4076. [MAY 3, 2019] MAY 5, 2019 (Sun) The MARTA SZLUBOWSKA ENSEMBLE at ST MARK'S STRINGS/ EPISCOPAL C in BRANDON, 7:00 PM,(601)497-5734. ACCORDION Music of Vivaldi, Dvorak, Gershwin, Drago and more. Free (donations accepted). ***********************MOVED TO MAY 24 (BECAUSE OF RAIN)******** * MAY 10, 2019 (Fri) The MSO at the OLD TRACE PARK, 7:30 PM.* * POPS Tickets: (601)960-1565. Pepsi Pops. * **************************************************************** MAY 11, 2019 (Sat) The METROPOLITAN OPERA presents POULENC'S OPERA DIALOGUES DES CARMELITES (live) on-screen at CINEMARK in PEARL, 11:00 A.M. Tickets at door. Details? Click here !!MAY 14, 2019 (Tue) The MSO with KENNY BROBERG AT MILLSAPS, ORCH/PIANO 7:00 PM. Tickets/Info:(601)960-1565. Music includes Tchiakovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. [MAY 5, 2019] MAY 15, 2019 (Wed) The METROPOLITAN OPERA presents POULENC'S OPERA DIALOGUES DES CARMELITES (encore) on-screen at CINEMARK in PEARL, 1:00 AM & 6:30 PM. Tickets at door. Details? Click here !!MAY 17, 2019 (Fri) The ST. PHILIP'S EPISCOPAL C CHOIR at the BROADWAY CHURCH, 7:00 PM. Tickets & info: (601)956-5788 / "The Evolution of Broadway!" Reception follows performance. [MAY 7, 2019] MAY 19, 2019 (Sun) The MS COMMUNITY SYMPHONIC BAND at PEARL HS AUD; BAND 3:00 P.M. Free. (769)218-0828 / !!MAY 24, 2019 (Fri) The MSO at the OLD TRACE PARK, 5:30 PM. POPS Tickets: (601)960-1565. Pepsi Pops. [MAY 9, 2019] MAY 28-JUN 9, 2019, BRIGHT STAR at NEW STAGE THEATRE. BLUEGRASS/MUSICAL Times/Tickets:(601)948-3531 or !!MAY 30, 2019 (Thu) OPERA IN THE CHAPEL with STACY TRENTESEAUX OPERA (soprano), and ZHAOLEI XIE (piano), at the NEW ST DOMINIC'S HOSPITAL CHAPEL, 7:30 PM. Free. Info: (601)960-2300 / "Moonlight and Magic". [MAY 7, 2019] JUN 8, 2019 (Sat) MCMG PRESENTS CHI YOUNG SONG* (violin), CHAMBER JOSQUIN LARSEN* (viola), and JON WENBERG (bassoon) at ST JAMES EPISCOPAL C (OAKRIDGE HOUSE) at 7:30 PM. Tickets/info:(601)594-2902 or Music from the 18th to the 21st centuries. Refreshments - 7:00 PM. *The Arkansas Travelers Duo. JUN 11, 2019 (Tue) "FINDING NEVERLAND" at MARA HALL, 7:30 P.M. BROADWAY Tickets: ******************************************************************************* Changed/new events are marked !! [MMM dd, yyyy] (the date shows when the change/new event was added to the cupdate calendar) UNMARKED events are listed as they appeared in the original version of this update. IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND AN OUT-OF-TOWN EVENT, YOU ARE URGED TO VERIFY THE DETAILS USING THE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED. We thank the following for their valuable support: The MISSISSIPPI ARTS COMMISSION Our many individual contributors This update is provided as a service to the classical music community of the Jackson area by the Jackson Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (216 Ashcot Cir, Jackson, MS 39211 / (601)362-3235 / Glenn A. Gentry, Editor, The Continuo Online