About the Continuo Online -

This electronic journal is an outgrowth of The Continuo, a journal published in hard copy from 1989 to 2004, by the Jackson Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. Its goal is to promote the appreciation of classical music in the Jackson, MS, area. It contains an up-to-date calendar of classical music events, mainly in the Jackson area, but in some cases farther afield. Occasional reviews are included, as well as comments and news of interest to the classical music community.

The current calendar (available in large or small type) begins with recent or upcoming events - that way you won't have to scroll through several months' worth of events to find the current ones. The complete calendar is also available, if you wish to look for past events.

Changes (additions, cancellations, changes in date/time/place) are made in the calendar as soon as we receive them. Updates reflecting these changes are issued as needed, usually about once or twice each month, and are E-mailed to all addresses on our list. If you would like to receive these updates, please send your name and E-mail address to


Presenters: Please keep us in mind when you make changes; we can often respond in a few hours; for example when there is an unexpected cancellation.

Glenn A. Gentry, Editor